• Buying A Thoroughbred: Is It For You?


    Buying a thoroughbred can transform a man. Horseracing is the sport of kings, and owning a thoroughbred racehorse can truly make a man feel like a king.

    There are several before ways you can about buying a thoroughbred.

    Whether your claiming or buying private, individually or part of the syndicate, ownding a racehorse can truly be one of the most exciting things in your life.


    As you know a great many races today, on cards all over the country, consist of claiming races these horses are for sale prior to start of the race.

    States vary with the rules but generally you need to put in your claiming slip 10 minutes before post time.

    Win or lose, sound or lame you on the horse after the race. All winnings expenses etc. belong to the current owner.

    Private purchase

    Buying a thoroughbred directly from the owner is considered a private purchase. Horses are frequently bought from private treaty.

    Claimers, allowance horse and stakes horses all can be put up for sale privately.

    Individual ownership

    This is pretty easy to understand. You purchased a horse either privately or from the claim box, arrange for the trainer, and pay all expenses.

    This certainly gives you the most control over your investment in your horse racing experience. However this also carries the highest price tag. Buying a thoroughbred can be compared to buying a boat.

    If you ever owned a boat you know what I mean.

    Thoroughbred partnerships

    Increasingly this is the most popular way to small investor to become involved in the horse racing industry.

    There are many different partnerships out there today, national, regional and local. If you would like to become involved in a racing partnership you should have several different options available.


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