• Gambling Superstitions


    Many times while gambling, I've found myself searching for subtle signs to assist me in making my next bet. For example, if I'm playing roulette and a person in a red blouse stands next to me, then I'll place an outside bet on red. If I'm experiencing very good luck at Blackjack and a less friendly dealer takes over the table, then I'll take it as a sign to move onto another table because my luck is about to change. Superstition and myth have always played a small part in the gambling area.

    From the common practice of blowing on a set of dice before rolling them, to the not so common practice of carrying a toenail from a horned toad, many gamblers believe that they can actually give their game play an edge by following irrational beliefs that have long been associated with gambling. While most gamblers have adopted their own set of superstitious beliefs and practices, there still remains a common set of beliefs that many gamblers have at one time or another adopted.

    - Carrying a four leaf clover.

    - Carrying a rabbit's foot.

    - Carrying a horseshoe.

    - Carrying a personal lucky charm.

    - Wearing a lucky item of clothing.

    - Blowing on the dice before rolling them.

    - Being well dressed.

    - Crossing one's fingers.

    - Stacking the gambling chips neatly.

    - The color red.

    - Breaking a mirror.

    - A black cat crossing one's path.

    - Walking under a ladder.

    - Dogs near a gambling table.

    - The color black.

    While most of us at one stage or another have given way to the occasional superstitious belief, when it comes to the practice of gambling, it would seem to make more sense for a player to invest more time in the study and practice of various playing strategies and less time in the practice of irrational superstitious beliefs which may or may not work.


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